Delivering a guaranteed quality service

Our Guarantee.

We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly but professsional service. Our aim is to clean and maintain your windows frames and sills, so that you home or businesss always looks at its best.

By using the latest in deionised purewater technology we confidently can assure your windows will look their best. 

This commitment is backed by our 7 day guarantee, if any window frame or sill that we have cleaned is not finnished to the high standard expected we will happily return within 7 days and reclean to your satisfaction.

All weather window Cleaning.

While we are not keen on working in bad weather, on occasion rain falls while we are out and about working hard.

Due to the nature of the pure deionised water window Cleaning system that we use we can confidently guarantee that whatever the weather, rain or shine your windows frames and sills will always be finnished to the high standard expected.

This commitment is backed by our 7 day guarantee, so you can be confident that your property will always look at it's best.

Pure water window Cleaning how it works

Our pure water is not just tap water – it is deionised water that has been treated to remove any impurities (e.g. dissolved solids that may contaminate the water), in order to produce a spotless clean.

Simple household tap water is often full of minerals and dissolved solid particles, which can make it difficult to achieve a flawless shine on your windows, so the water is purified to get rid of these unwanted substances.

Pure Water Keeps Windows Cleaner For Longer

Our pure water cleaning system will leave your windows free from dirt, chemicals and minerals. It is the residue caused by impurities and detergents that attracts grime to the glass in the first place; so, by using pure water, we can ensure that your windows will stay cleaner for longer, without a soapy film attracting dirt and gunk to the glass.

Water-Fed Pole System Our water fed poles are designed to be used with pure water, as no detergent or chemical residue needs to be rinsed off.

The pure water is pumped upwards through the pole, and out onto the window. The pole has a specially designed brush at the end; as the brush loosens the dirt and grime, the pure water washes it away. The system enables us to reach windows that may be difficult to reach from a ladder. 

Your Windows Will Be Streak-, Smear- And Smudge-Free!

Once your windows have been cleaned with a water-fed pole and pure water, they are left to dry naturally, as there is no soapy residue or water impurities that could form unsightly smears on the newly washed glass. Letting the windows dry by themselves also means that contaminating particles cannot be transferred from the material used to dry the glass.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Because of the absence of chemical fluids and cleaning detergents, pure water is an eco-friendly option for your window cleaning. As well as achieving better results for your windows, using pure water means that you don’t have to worry about things like the cleaning water splashing onto your plants or the brickwork of your property


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Susan Crawford

24 September 2019

24 September


Very happy. Graham cleaned windows both inside and outside and wiped the plastic and sills down too. Looks great. Very good price and he's going to text and rem...
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Tony Gayts

31 August 2019

31 August


Disgustingly good!

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